Multifunctional Electric Face Massager Machine Needle Free Cosmetic Anti Wrinkle Firming Whitening Skin Care KLX 9902EMS Hot New

Multifunctional Electric Face Massager Machine Needle Free Cosmetic Anti Wrinkle Firming Whitening Skin Care KLX 9902EMS Hot New
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Multifunctional Electrical Stimulator Tens Machine Digital Therapy TENS Machine Digital Therapy Massager Body Knee Pain Relief 




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Instructions for use (Due to the variety of functions of this product, please read the instructions carefully before operating)
After the massager is starting up, press the "TIME" button to select the time you want to massage, press the "MODE" button to change the massage mode, and then adjust the intensity as needed (STRONG 1 / STRONG 1 button is enhanced, WEAK 1 / WEAK 2 button is adjusted weakened)
Voice On: If you do not need the voice prompt function, press and hold the "Time" key for 3 seconds to turn off the voice prompt function, you need to turn on the voice function, long press "Time" key for 3 seconds
Hot moxibustion function start: 
1. First hot moxibustion plug with a plug into the massager "HEAT ING" output port.
2. and then press the "ON / OFF" button to start the massager.
3. Press the "TIME" button to select the massage time.
4 Hold down "MODE" for 3 seconds. At this moment, the hot moxibustion belt begins to heat up. If the temperature is too low, press and hold the "MODE" button for 3 seconds again, then the temperature will rise higher. The temperature increases and then bind it to the arm or leg.
Note:When using the hot moxibustion function, you must first connect the hot moxibustion line, and then open the hot moxibustion function, otherwise it may lead to circuit protection (crashed state), if this crashes, you can use a toothpick to insert behind the massager Small hole, gently press, and then recharge the massager for a few seconds, it can return to normal conditions.
The number of electrode pads used
The number of times the electrode is used depends on the cleanliness and oilyness of the human skin, so it is best to wash the skin with soap before use (alcohol is equally acceptable). By cleaning the skin, you can achieve better results and improve the frequency of use of the electrode.
Electrode sheet life
After each use, put the electrode back to the original packaging bag, placed in the shade. If the electrode is dry a little, use a few drops of water to wet it. This will increase the life of the electrode.
Product description:
1. Digital multi-function, built-in rechargeable battery; easy to carry, easy to operate;
2. Large LCD color screen;
3. Chinese and English voice navigation operation;
4. There are a variety of timing and mode selection function;
5. Infrared heat, moderate temperature and low temperature treatment, suitable for a variety of health care and treatment;
6. Full-featured, IF, LF, Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, Massage, Thump ten modes;
7. Three physiotherapy output hole, which can be connected with thermal therapy and pulse physiotherapy at the same time, but also physical therapy 2 people;
8. Output pulse soft and powerful, feel comfortable, no shock electric shock feeling after upgrade version .
Operation instructions:
1. Charging: take the accessory charger and the charging cable, and plug the USB connector into the socket, then insert the DC head of the charging cable into the charging socket of the host computer, and plug the charger into the 220V power supply. At this time, the light of the massager will be slightly lit, and the light will automatically go out when the charging is completed. Note: for hot compress, please connect the charger and use it together.
2. Electrode preparation: take the conductive tape and the needle wire (buckle wire) and butt joint to make the conductive tape close to the corresponding acupoints or pain points, and then insert the other end of the needle wire (buckle wire) into the pulse output jack 1 or pulse output jack 2 of the host machine.
3. Long press "start up" for 3 seconds to start up the host. (voice navigation enabled)
4. According to the voice navigation, press the "time" button to select the massage time, and then press the "intensity increasing 1" or" intensity increasing 2" button, according to the body feeling, it is appropriate to be comfortable, and if you need to reduce the intensity, press the "intensity decreasing button".
5, start the heat function: first insert the plug of hot compress with a host of heat output jack, then: boot, press "time" to choose time, long press "mode" button for 3 seconds, voice prompt and beauty, the hot compress with fever (if the temperature is too low, please press the "mode" button for 3 seconds, the voice prompts hot moxibustion), when the hot compress with began to heat up again after the hot compress band at the site of the need to heat, hot start.
6. Voice switch: if the voice prompt function is not needed in the process of use, long press the time button for 3 seconds to turn off the voice function; if it needs to be turned off again, long press the "time" button for 3 seconds to turn on.
7. Switch between Chinese and English: the device has prompt functions in both Chinese and English. When switching, press the "Chinese/English" button.
8. In the process of massage, you can change the massage mode at will, press the "Mode" button to select one by one. After selecting, you need to press the "Intensity Increase" and "Intensity Reduction" buttons to adjust the intensity.
9. Time setting: press the "time" button quickly to set the time or standby.
10. Lighting function: press the "switch" button for 2 times continuously to open the lighting, and then press the "switch" button for 2 times continuously to close the lighting.
A:Mode button: Ten massage mode conversion, each time you press the button, you can change the massage mode.
B:Strength increase button: the strength is adjustable from 1-8 levels, when the strength is shown as the last 1
Is the maximum when 8 grids are used; Can be added automatically according to individual needs.
C:Intensity reduction key: the intensity 1-8 levels can be adjusted, when the intensity shows multiple levels
When, can adjust by oneself according to individual demand abate.

If you want to buy more Electrode pads,you can click the link below.

Package Included:(No retail box)
1 x Electrotherapeutical Instrument
9 Pair=18pcs of electrode pads(see the picture)
1 x Charger
2 x Buckle Cable 
1 x Two Pin Cable
1 x Heating Bandage
1 x User Manual