Permanent IPL Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Laser Epilasyon Laser Epilator for women men facial Armpit Bikini Beard Legs

Permanent IPL Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Laser Epilasyon Laser Epilator for women men facial Armpit Bikini Beard Legs
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Women Men Electric Laser Epilator IPL Hair Removal Depilatory Full Body Face Underarm Bikini Remove Hair Acne and Wrinkle



For all buyers, we will give you a free beauty bar as a gift :-)


What can the electric epilator do for you ?

It can remove hair permanently. 

It can also photorejuvenation and alleviate acne if you buy these two lamp extra.

It can used for your whole bodyandface.

It is for men and women.


How does this electric epilator remove hair ?

It removes hair by IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

IPL is applied to the surface of the skin, targeting melanin. This light travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts or the bulb (root).

The bulb is usually where the highest concentration of melanin is located.

As the light is absorbed by melanin, the heat of the IPL destroys the melanin and the hair-producing papilla.

All epilator with IPL can remove hair ? Yes, if the wave length of their IPL is  long enough ( 510nm-1200nm ) to reach the hair shafts, like ours.

It is very important. If the wave length is short, the IPL will be absorbed by skin and blood, not melanin.


Does the IPL hair removal have side effects ?

No, according to the reasearches at present.


Why does it worth the price ?

The brand of this epilator is the best in this line in China and its epilator is nearly next to Skin’s from Israel.

The epilator pass CE, RoHS, EN62471 and PSE.

It can remove hair permanently.






Which skin and hair condition are suitable to use this epilator?



Note: People with dark skins and very hairy people, should be careful enough when use the epilator. You can start with low energy levels or reduce treatment times in the same skin area. Otherwise, scalding and blistering may happen.



Where can be used ?


Before and after for hair removal from our clients.




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Product Details


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 How to Use for Hair Removal ?


1.Clean glass of the lamp.


2. Shave hair and clean the treated skin.


3. Wear Goggles and select a suitable energy level .


4. Position the epilator on the skin and press the button.


5.Clean treated skin.  

6. Do some moisture skin care.



Permanent  Hair Removal Treatment Course

1. 6-10 treatments.

2. In the first 3-5 treatment, do one treatment every 2-3 weeks.

3. In the following 6th-10th treatment, do one treatment every 4-6 weeks.

4. In the maintaince period,  do one treatment every 2-3 months for area with hair regrowth.

5.The treatment interval is different from each other, the next treatment can be taken after 30% hair regrownth.



Specifications of our epilator:

1. Wave length is 515-1200nm.

2. Spot size is 3.1cm2 / 0.48 sq in. The size is most suitable for whole body and face after several improvements.

3. Quartz light tube

    Quartz light tube is expensive but long lifetime,compared with some cheap glass tube.


What is in one package ?

1. IPL machine...... 1pc

2. Goggle......1 pair

3. Adaptor......1pc

4. Hair Removal Lamp......1pc

5.English User Manual......1pc



This beauty bar is   vibrative   and relieve your skin of face and body like massage.

​(Battery not included)









1. Skin rejuvention lamp and acne lamp are available and need extra money.

2. The lamp of our this epilator is changeable.

    You need buy only 1 IPL machine and can use 3 functions, if you buy acne lamp and Skin rejuvention lamp together.

3. For the following people, it is forbidden to use the epilator.

(1) Skin is broken, with tattoo or scars.

(2) Pregnant women.

(3) Has allergic constitution.