For Sony Google HTC LG One Plus Cubot Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Sport Wristband Smartwatch for Men Women

For Sony Google HTC LG One Plus Cubot Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Sport Wristband Smartwatch for Men Women
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The System Requirements for the Cellphone Bluetooth:

- Android4.3, IOS 7.0 or above, Support Bluetooth 4.0 mobile phone


>>>Main Functions:

- 1. Time display, Intelligent clock.

- 2. Movement Records (pedometer, calories consumption, sleep monitoring).

- 3. The reminder of the incoming call, SMS and messages, like from WeiXin, QQ etc.

- 4. Intelligent Anti-Lost; Remote Photographing by Shake it off.

- 5. Record the Sport Track on the APP map.

- 6. Sport and health data sharing on the micro-blog,Twitter,Facebook.

- 7. OTA firmware upgrade online.


>>>Function Operation:

1. Download and Install Watch APP/APK Client Software

As for the Apple mobile phones, pls search "DayDay Band"  in the Apple store, download and install the watch APP ; As for the Android mobile phones, pls search "DayDay Band"  in the google play store, 360 phone assistant, or the baidu phone assistant China. Also u can scan the QR code as follows, then download and install client APP/APK software for watch .




2. Connect the Watch with the Mobile Phone.

Remark: The watch has the function of powering on/off. Before using the watch, pls press the “turn on/off” button to power on. When powering on, all the LED light will be on and it will chime for long; while it is powered off, it will only chime for long, no LED light will be on.

Please firstly read the user guide and help information when you use “DayDay Band ” APP/APK in the first time, and then click the Settings icon on the top left corner of the home page. Select to search the equipment, the program will automatically search bluetooth devices nearby. And u can also gently slide the reflashing interface down, It will automatically search the bluetooth devices. Pls click it to connect the bluetooth of the watch when the "smart watch" appears on the APP. After the blutooth is connected successfully, the LED indicator light of the watch dial will blink, and the APP/APK will automatically switch to the main interface.

Note: you can modify the name of the bluetooth devices on the APP.


3. Start to Use the Smart Watch

After the bluetooth of the watch is connected to the mobile phone successfully, it will begin to record your exercise and sleep status.  

Note: The watch will start automatically to detect the sleep data after 6 pm, no sleep data during the day. When firstly using it, the watch needs to be connnected with the APP, to calibrate the The step and sleep data would be inaccurated unless the first time to use the need to connect the APP to watch the data calibration, automatically synchronization time.


4. Synchronization data

Enter the step and sleep menu interface,slide down menu,The step and sleep data will Sync to in the APP/APK of mobile phone.Aslo watch will automatically synchronize step and sleep data when watch is connected with Bluetooth(APP/APK show sleep data information after sleeping for 3 hours).


5. Change the battery.

When the LED light on the watch keeps fickering or it indicates the low battery alarm on the APP/APK, It means the power of the bluetooth motherboard does not supply enough electricity (it usually needs to be changed every 3-6 months.). Or if u find the hands of clock sto walking, it means that quartz watch battery has been depleted (usually around 2 years to replace), please timely to watch to replace the battery, replace the battery, please use the same type of battery, and try to please professionals or go to watche repair shop to replace.and disassembly please use specialized tools to anticlockwise open the rear cover of the watch. This product quartz movement and bluetooth motherboard battery respectively used for SR621SW / CR2032 button batteries.

Note: replace the battery reassembly case, Please pay attention to the spring on the motherboard contact with the yellow buzzer which is embedded within the bottom cover, if the assembly contact bad phenomenon without sound.


6. Remarks:

- 1. The product uses 3-degree 30-meter waterproof rubber ring, It can be used under the situation of normal water temperature, such as hand washing or swimming etc. But pls do not either immerse it in the water or wear it in the warm-water environment for a long time.

- 2. If found that the data is no change, please wait for moment to data synchronize, data synchronization requires a period of time to upload.

- 3. In view of the limited memory of the watch, watches usually only save 7 days of exercise data, Please ensure that regularly bluetooth connect to mobile phone, so you can upload and sync data to your mobile phone with bluetooth.